Women in STEM

Several women engaged in research give up on their career at the postdoctoral stage. Having a group of peers that you can reach out to for help, support and resources can relieve some of the stress associated with this particularly stressful career step. The MIT POWER, postdoctoral organization of women engaged in research, of which I am a board member, has the goal to provide professional and personal development support specific to women who want to pursue advanced careers in science and industry, and to support and advocate for women postdocs in all aspects of their professional training at MIT.


Moving abroad to study or doing research can be stressful and extremely disorienting at the beginning. Having a network of expats can make settling in a new country smoother. Shortly after joining MIT, I became a member of the Italian Association MITaly. Our mission is to facilitate a well-connected network of students, faculty, and affiliates that are linked by a shared experience of both MIT and Italian culture.

Science dissemination

At the beginning of the pandemic, discussing science with peers has been a relief for many people stuck at home. With Jeff and Dani, we decided to facilitate connections among students, postdocs and faculties interested in Evolutionary and Ecological Systems Biology by hosting a virtual seminar series on the topic: the EESB talks.